Bangaluru Based School : Pre-primary to class 5th - Admission Open (CBSE Pattern)


Happy Kidz is a Multiple Intelligence School. Happy Kidz School offers the Preschool, Nursery, and Kindergarten programs and Classes from 1st to 5th that will prepare the child for regular school and lay a solid foundation for his future.

First Bag less School of India

All Classes with Soft Floor

Learn By Fun Teaching

Smart Learning with smart room

Visit Happy Kidz Once Before going any other School in Nainpur

"We believe that human rights of a child are non-negotiable"

The pedagogy, in Happy Kidz, is specifically developed and designed to help children
realize their exceptional capabilities in a methodical, synergetic, and self-paced manner.
Mr. Prashant Thakur

“Education is not the preparation for life, but education is life itself”

Today the education is not only about academic excellence but overall personality development of a child. This thought is the core foundation on which Happy Kidz school has been established in Nainpur.
Nandni thakur
Managing Director

"Education in today's world is the one quality which will define a nation"

Aristotle has once said. “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, it is a habit.”
Dear Parents, Happy Kidz school , Nainpur is a school which nurtures all its students not just academically but emotionally and socially as well.
Manya Nagrani

"Today the education is not only about academic excellence but overall personality development of a child"

 We are trying to provide an attractive, clean and stimulating setting for our pupils in the belief that this will encourage a commitment to the positive forms of desirable behaviour, including learning behaviour
Rishika Jawahar

Computer Lab

Happy Kidz provides computer lab facility to students from class 1 to 5 to improvise their critical thinking and Reasoning ability.

Dance Class

We have Special training program for all kind of dancing theme for kids from class Nursery to 5th.

Music class

We have Special training program for all kind of music and musical instruments for kids from class Nursery to 5th.


In Sports section we are providing special training for Bascketball

Skating Training

On Weekends we will arrange special training session for Skating which is optional activity for class 1 to 5 students.

Yoga & Meditation

Happy Kidz school provides your child Yoga and Meditation session to improvise there Metal strength and Learning power

Expert School of India

An expert in preschool education is the best choice for your child!

Birthdays & Events

Our goal is to respond to the call of creating the emerging leaders of tomorrow. We are committed to impacting a synergy of skills, knowledge, and values in our children to lend them their inner voice for the 21st century.

We envision today’s children as tomorrow’s leadership icons. We have impacted a milestone departure from the teacher-led to the child-centric. 


For us, the human rights of a child are non-negotiable.
Driven by our ethos of “What’s Right for the Child” (WRFC), we place the human rights of a child at a premium. The right to trust, the right to gain respect, and the right to live in an abuse-free world is what shapes our fundamental cult and ethos.


In our decade-long legacy of nurturing the ‘unique potential’ of every child, we have shaped, in metros and suburbs alike, a new cult of schooling for toddlers. On this revolutionary journey, we evidenced and impacted the much-needed shift from ‘teachers’ quieting an assembly line of children to ‘enablers’ shaping children into smart-thinking, dynamic, and ‘ready-for-life’ individuals.

We value our commitment towards quality child education along with complementing aspects of self-reliance, peer interaction, and individual growth. In this process, we created a solid foundation in curriculum and polished our business model to make it profitable for all the stakeholders involved.


|| Salini Goutam,Nainpur

Happy kidz is the safest and smartest school in mandla district . My Baby is in LKG , She is very much happy to join this school. We are as a parent very satisfied to send my child here , My child has become more intelligent here . Thank you very much all teacher staff of happy kidz . 

|| Brajmohan  , Pindrai

My toddler was very fussy about the idea of going to Kindergarten. It’s just been a month that I’ve enrolled him in Happy Kidz preschool, and now he is enthusiastically engaged in every activity and program followed in school. I am very glad to see this change in him. Thanks to Happy Kidz.

|| Dr. Namita Pandey,Nainpur

Happy kidz school at Nainpur is a nice initiative as it is the first and only of its kind in the town . Being a mother of a toddler it was a great relief for me that this school is enrolling students in playgroup as well the internal ambience, Friendly staff, bagless academics makes it very child friendly and safe as well. I feel delighted to have my son a student of happy kidz . Best wishes for the team HK.

|| Anchal Awadhwal, Nainpur

Thanks to Happy Kidz school and all staff for all your efforts and such a good care of kids you took. We hope for such a great efforts in future. 

|| Disha Nagpal, Nainpur

The thing which  I really like about Happy Kidz is they really make kids happy their activities helps kids to grow faster. Best wishes for all the kids and I hope that you will conduct more activities next year. Thank you very much Happy kidz.

|| Soumya Chandani, Nainpur

I had a really fruitful experience by enrolling my kid in such a warm and loving environment. It is the sole hard work and sheer determination of the makers and the mentors that they’re constantly upgrading the learning pattern for Montessori kids. Best Wishing  Happy kidz a continuous success.

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